Swiss born Katharina Bless, a spiritual teacher since 30 years, has been initiated in many different traditions and skills along her journey. She was receiving divine guidance and in all of these years her way of working was totally intuitive. The insights she received were the major teachings for her spiritual growth, although there were many books and some physical teachers in her life with big influence on her journey.

In 1992 she moved to Thailand following a vision, founded Soma Center and Silver Dove Network to support the spiritual growth in Asia. She facilitates workshops and organized international congresses and was a speaker at several such congresses. For many years she was active and supporting member of IVU (International Vegetarian Union), was the program coordinator for the 33rd World Vegetarian Congress in Chiang Mai 1999, she was there when the AVU (Asian Vegetarian Union) was founded and was a counselor in both organization for a couple years. Today her focus is much more on her spiritual work, especially the Sound Therapy, 3-level Detox Programs, Spiritual Art and the Asian Flower Essences. The first set with 22 Flowers is ready and the book in the process of being printed.

Katharina’s deep spiritual and metaphysical insight and her powerful healing energy has been helping many people to find peace and harmony, often people experience spontaneous healing just spending time with her. Her beautiful center in Chiang Rai offers a place to reconnect with the purity of one’s soul, recover from stress and find peace.

She teaches many different workshops to awaken your creativity and true power: Sound Healing / Nada Yoga, Mandala – the Sacred Circle: Messages from your Soul, Rainbow Qi – Color Therapy, Bach- and Asian Flower Essences, SkyView Astrology, Awakening of the Inner Goddess, Symbols on the Way Home, Butterfly Retreat: Rebirth of the true Self and a Detox program for Body, Mind and Emotions.

Her books include:

  • “Flower Healing Power – The Bach Flower Therapy from a Spiritual Point of View” 2004
  • “SkyView Astrology: the only system working with the REAL star constellations” 2006
  • “The Secret of the Abundance Box, the Seven Keys to reclaim your Power” 2008
  • “Flower Healing Power – The Asian Gateway Flower Essences” 2011

She has also recorded the following Crystal Sound CD’s:

  • Crystal Sound Magic
  • Solar Logos Alignment
  • Gaia Puja
  • Chakra Alignment
  • the doubled Album Crystal Sound for Daily Living