Aside from being a driven entrepreneur, international writer, speaker/trainer, artist and mother, Jana Moreno also conducts her own courses that are aimed to support people in creating the lives they desire to live. She provides one-on-one healing &/or Conscious Creation consultations, group releasing, group inner-child circles, workshops, retreats and holistic corporate training.

Founding such programs as Conscious Creation, The Conscious Body, Conscious Relationships and Awakening Through Releasing, Jana also has a passion for producing guided meditations ~ some of which can be found at

Her work and the different holistic modalities she frequents support people in breaking through their limitations and emotional blocks using gentle techniques. After supporting participants in identifying and clearing roadblocks, she then gracefully leads them to a place of empowerment and well-being, leaving with them tools they can use to consciously live the life desired and preferred individually.

Jana Moreno has been invited to speak in colleges in Kuala Lumpur, including the Malaysia Institute of Art and is in the process of co-authoring two books in two different countries. She has also conducted corporate trainings, has been featured on BFM radio station 89.9 twice, has her own internet radio show on called Conscious Creation, and has given talks, workshops and corporate trainings that have supported many in releasing the very limitations that hold them back.

Ms. Moreno is an associate of Universal Wisdom Sdn Bhd, and she gives talks, trainings, private consultations and sessions to people from all walks of life and in different countries as a labor of love. She has been doing this work lovingly for 6 years.


  • Certified Bars Practitioner
  • Releasing Facilitator
  • Life Coach (in training)
  • Certified Family Constellation Facilitator (in training)
  • Healing Circles/Inner Child/ and Guided Meditation Circles
  • Conscious Creation Facilitator
  • And other Clearing Work