Jaime Shun is highly passionate about empowering others to live a happier, healthier and purposeful life. She is a Healer, a Life Coach and Psychotherapist and has been successfully helping individuals uncover their core issues and move from a space of fear into love and healing.

Jaime is the Founder of HeartWorks Centre (www.heartworks.my) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A beautiful and peaceful sanctuary with many local and international facilitators using workshops and personal sessions to assist individuals to improve their awareness, to find themselves, to find peace, love, happiness, health and wellness in their lives. She is also the Malaysian Representative for respected elder and Master Teacher, Selena Rodrigues.

Always a keen and fast learner, Jaime has picked up various modalities to complement all that she is offering in her empowering sessions. She provides DNA Mapping services locally and internationally; she is a trained Psychotherapist for The Peace Programme that assist people in Stress, Anxiety and Depression; a facilitator for energy healing under the Isis Mystery School. Lately she is also coaching Light Workers to be all that they can be at this important time in history to create and uplift the collective consciousness.