During her adult career, Jackie always had a penchant to explore the powers of natural healing in many of its different forms.

This curiosity saw her leaving her career in the commercial sector to pursue and explore this further. She trained and started to work in the field of therapeutic massage. Whilst it provided a foundation for her understanding of the physical body she felt a certain frustration. This frustration was borne out of her believe that the “wellness” of a person is not just healing the physical but also the spiritual and the mental side of a person.

Because of this belief she met with like minded people who opened and awakened her own abilities to harness her powers to heal through her touch. Jackie discovered Reiki, a Japanese art of healing by channeling one’s energy through touch. Combining that with her training in Soft and Deep Tissue Massage, Jackie is now able to provide a more complete cycle in the natural healing process through her hands.

However in her quest to further the natural healing process, Jackie obtained a certification in teaching Yoga too for this was a natural extension in her belief about bringing a balance to one’s well being through body, mind and soul.

As she practiced and developed her intuitive talent for the natural healing process, Jackie gained a heightened sense of perception with people she meets whom she would counsel if asked.