“Gracy is truly gifted and a very sweet soul. ALL my customers have been blown away by her skills. Even a skeptic admitted he was shocked by the accuracy of her work.”

Ella Sherman, Managing Director, Worldwide Investments

“Gracy is a wonderful numerology teacher. The way she taught numerology is so concise and easy to understand. I’ll highly recommend her to anyone who is interested to learn numerology.

David Lau, General Manager, Kruger

“Gracy provided in-depth information on the Secrets of Golden Numbers. It is a practicable application which is well presented. She is knowledgeable and exudes professionalism.”

Chua Chin Leong, Group HR Manager

“Gracy was so spot-on, it brought tears to my eyes.”

Estella Lim, Postgraduate student

Sought-after speaker and Intuitive Master Numerologist Gracy Yap is the author of internationally acclaimed “Finding And Keeping Your Crush!” and “Secrets of Golden Numbers”. She is a skilful practitioner of both Pythagorean Numerology and mystic Chaldean Numerology systems.

Gracy has applied numerology as a self-help tool for herself and clients to find answers, also to create more success, prosperity and loving relationships in life and business. Over the last 9 years, she has served clients from all walks of life ranging from flight attendants, teachers and trainers to expat professionals, company directors, property agents, forex traders and millionaire business owners who have benefited from her spot-on readings.

Gracy is a qualified academic teacher from the University of Cambridge. Ever ready to learn from the masters, she attained her 72 Angels Teacher certification awarded by ASIACT Academy, Ancient Philosophies Faculty, in Switzerland, 2010 after an intensive 3 weeks training with Mike Booth. She also studied with Dr She D’Montford, one of Australia’s top psychics this year on psychic development and tarot. The former resident Numerologist with The White Lotus Place and Whatever now practices with The Golden Space, where she continues to support clients on their soul evolution journey. She works with Source, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elementals and her sessions are channelled. Gracy also offers oracle readings with the goddess, faery, angel, Mayan decks and the Yi Ching numerology.