Dr Robert Côté is a man with commitment and passion. He is strongly committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise of the Alpha Alignment process with people all over the world.

His aim is to assist people to be mentally focused, emotionally balanced, physically energized and spiritually aligned. When all these components work together in harmony, you can then perform at your optimum level.

Born Joseph Donat Robert Côté, Robert grew up with two brothers and one sister in Trois-Rivieres, located in the French province of Quebec, Canada. A number of childhood memories had made a life-long impression on him. Witnessing the repetitive sickness and hospitalization of one of his brothers was a defining moment for him. It was almost a tradition in those days to only rely on strong medicinal intervention and give the entire responsibility to the medical practitioner in the hope of finding a cure for the patient. Not satisfied and disillusioned about the health status of his brother, Robert embarked on a long journey in the field of Health Science.

In 1980, Robert obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Laval University, Quebec, Canada. From 1981-1986, Robert studied chiropractic at The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Canada and obtained a doctorate degree in Chiropractic Science. Shortly after, he began operating a Chiropractic Clinic from 1986 till 1996. Robert also did his master’s degree in Nutrition related to stress.

Although Robert was a theoretical health science and practicing chiropractor, much of the following years were spent exploring other forms of healing, including Native American practices and rituals and the aborigine women’s way of healing. However, his awareness of the healing process greatly escalated when studying with Dr John Demartini and Dr Jim Singafoose, but mostly with Dr Virgil Chrane’s center in Dallas Texas.

The learning and the mastering of the Alpha Alignment process has been the core of his work. For him, this process is the ultimate approach that allowed the individual to reach and maintain an optimum state of well-being in all areas of his/her life.

Robert’s work on himself and his patients convinced him that life has a spiritual purpose beyond material goals. There is a difference between “to Cure” and “to Heal”. You may not “cure” your condition but “Healing” occurs when you come to terms with your condition by the way you approach and overcome it. Our main task, he believes, is to discover and fulfil our deep innate potential that allows the Healing to take place in order to live a life that resonates with our deepest aspirations. He firmly believes in the balance of 7 areas in our life … physical, mental, spiritual, money, career, social and family.

Robert has worked for the last 25 years in all major cities in Australia, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. He maintains a daily rigorous yoga and meditative practice and exercises 5 times a week (gym, tennis, squash, bike, run, swim etc).

Robert owns and manages a Health, Yoga & Spiritual centre in Perth. He lives there with his wife of 30 years and his 3 grown-up children.