Dr. Ravi Ratan is an renowned clinical aromatherapist and healer from Mumbai, India. Author of “HANDBOOK OF AROMATHERAPY“and co author of JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS, he conducts training seminars and workshops in India, USA, UK, Canada & the UAE. One of the pioneers of aromatherapy with MLD in India, Dr. Ratan comes from a lineage of healers and teachers, having achieved his Masters of Science, followed by D.Sc. He runs a Mind & Body Center at Mumbai along with his psycho-aromatherapist wife, Dr. Minoo Ratan and has done extensive clinical and research work using essential oils for health, healing and wellness, especially for stress management, healing of ulcers, wounds and sores, pain management, etc.

His holistic healing work integrates aromatherapy, body work with MLD (Manual Lymphatic drainage) emotional release work and Chakra healing.

Dr. Ratan is an approved provider of continuing education, with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCBTMB- USA).