Diana KubilosDiana Kubilos holds a Master’s in Public Health, specializing in health education. She has worked in the fields of both social work and health education for many years; in the latter, she specialized in women’s health and family life education. Diana has lived in Malaysia for over ten years and has two teen-aged children.

Several years ago, Diana confronted a serious health issue, and during her healing journey, experienced & studied several life-transforming healing methodologies, including: NLP, Compassionate Communication, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), the Course in Miracles, and Permaculture. Diana is now passionate about sharing these methodologies with others who are on healing and transitional journeys.

Diana believes we are in a time of great transformation globally, at several levels, including human growth and spirituality, and social and environmental justice. She is committed to being part of this transformation, through sharing personal development methodologies… to help people achieve emotional and spiritual well-being, meaningful vocational lives, and deeper connections with one another and our earth.