Instructor: Daniel Samos

Daniel was born in Chicago in 1963, into a home with a strong family medical tradition. With keen intuitive and psychic abilities from childhood, and a deep desire to pursue a vocation as a healer, he received training in a wide range of modalities including Reiki, Thai Massage, and the Yuen Method, along with the use of crystals and essential oils.

In ThetaHealing®, Daniel discovered a teaching that enabled him to rapidly advance his spiritual growth while easily drawing upon and integrating his past learning and experience. “The principles and methods in Theta resonate with the ideas and approaches of the great healers and mystics in all times and places. What is truly revolutionary about ThetaHealing is its success in making these avenues of transformation and growth available in a way that anyone can immediately learn them and put them into practice. It presents you with the keys to take control of your life, clear away the debris standing in your way, and move forward quickly and easily.”

Daniel is a translator and interpreter of Japanese, and has interpreted numerous times for ThetaHealing founder Vianna Stibel. As the holder of the Certificate of Science degree in ThetaHealing, Daniel is credentialed to teach all ThetaHealing practitioner courses.

Assistant: Reiko “Rachel” Kurita

Rachel is from Japan and is a Master of ThetaHealing. She credits Theta with helping her dramatically change her life and overcome asthma. Her areas of particular interest and expertise include reading the Akashic Records and essential oil therapy. In addition to teaching and practicing Theta, she is a publisher and editor. She has published one book on ThetaHealing and is presently working on a second volume.