Ms Chin Lai Meng is a homegrown trainer in experiential training and transformational coaching. While working as a Brand Manager with Unilever Malaysia, Ms Chin was one of the creation team members who volunteered to bring experiential training into Malaysia back in 1996.

Internally, she was appointed as a facilitator in the Cultural Change Programme in Unilever additional to her marketing responsibilities. She was also deployed to assist in facilitating the Management Trainees’ Orientation Programme of Unilever in Indonesia. While running a training company providing experiential training to the public, she was also trained by internationally renowned master trainers, Ms Bettie Spruill and Dr. Ray Blanchard to conduct training seminars.

In 1997, she and Ms Christie Seah founded Frenz Learnings with a focus on transformational training and coaching. She has trained and coached over hundreds of people in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United States. Her clients include CEOs and MDs of Multi-national, Publicly Listed companies and Small and Medium Enterprises. Some of her past and current clients include Petronas, Bursa Malaysia, Walls Ice Cream, EMI music, Sau San Tong Public Ltd (Hong Kong), Applied Computers Inc (USA). Being versatile in approach, she works well with top executives, professionals, junior and senior managers, entrepreneurs and students. She has also trained “Character Building” trainers for the first National Service Project of Malaysia – 2004.

Ms Chin has a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from the National University of Malaysia. In 2004, she was certified as Management Effectiveness Coach by Ideal Coaching in the USA. In 2011, she was certified as Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer by The Potential Project in Denmark. In 2014, being certified as the Advance Trainer by Oneness University in India added yet another chapter to her training and development journey. For her, learning and growth is a life long quest. Besides professional development, she seizes any opportunity to go another level and makes every endeavour in growing herself as a whole person.

Ms Chin is a serious meditator and a committed student of ancient mysteries. From the Great Pyramid to Machu Pichu of Peru and other sacred sites in India, she travels around the world and learn from Master Teachers to deepen her knowledge of the purpose of Life. She loves to express herself creatively through songs and dance. In her words, creative expressions help reveal her hidden gifts. She enjoys such experiences of the deeper connection to life.

“I have a vision. It is a vision to help people realize their own natural talent which may lay dormant inside. It is our birth right to claim that unique gift and use it to contribute back to the society at large. Life is not just this or that. It can be everything. May be it is time we stopped and asked, ‘How far my life can stretch?’ You will be amazed by the response in abundance provided by the Universe. So, how far down the rabbit-hole YOU want to go?”


“The greatest value in working with Lai Meng as my coach was that, I was able to confront my fear. Whatever I have decided to achieve, I know I can get it done by putting it in writing. As a result of our coaching relationship, there was no “escape” or back door for me. We would get it done.

The most significant accomplishment as a result of our partnership is that I could stay on my plan and accomplish it within a time frame that was realistic and agreed upon. She has helped me to face up and confront my problems and deal with them head on. There was no more avoiding.

I strongly recommend Lai Meng to anyone who is ready to move forward in life, to get something done and is committed to put their problems behind them. In short someone who is ready to make things happen.”

-Sam Chan, President of Applied-computers USA – the biggest computer store online


“Having a coach has given me a different perspective of what life is all about. While I started out seeking to fix myself, I have come to realise that there is nothing I need to fix. More so, I needed to acknowledge and take responsibility for my own actions and see them for what they truly were. I am an active participant in life as I see it now rather than an accident that happened.

There has been a significant mindset shift for me since coaching. I used to peg myself to a certain character and personality which was mostly angry and irritated. Today people notice me for my smile and persona. Friends who knew me don’t recognise me. I am calmer then I’ve ever been. My relationships with my family and my husband has changed so much and I feel they are much more at ease with me. They are opening up to me more and more each day. With a baby girl now, this attitude change benefits her because I’m more patient and able to offer all of me.

Coaching has given me the courage to change my career which was initially draining to one that is more fulfilling. I don’t feel at the mercy of work but rather I see it as an opportunity to help someone, be of service and again offer all my self to whomever it may be. I am more conscious and present now then I used to be.

Lai Meng has been very loving in her approach. She gives me the push when I need it and compassion when I need it. She constantly encourages me and this has given me the courage to make life changing choices. For that I will always be grateful.”

By Dawn Marie Ng

Former Senior Business Unit Head

BBDO (International Advertising Company)


“When repetitive patterns of behavior and outcomes came to my notice, I realized I needed a coach. I wanted a coach to help me become aware of my patterns and coach me through possible ways to create different outcomes. Thought is the bases of all outcomes so I felt I needed a coach to make me aware of my thoughts.

I noticed that a change of attitude to events can change the outcome. On a purely personal level, just changing my thoughts about a relationship and the person in the relationship changed how he treated me. I began to see him as I see myself and that was powerful. To see everyone in my life as a chance to forgive and love was also empowering.

Professionally, through coaching I noticed how my thoughts created certain outcomes to events. Sometimes negative and sometimes positive. Depending on my thoughts to the event. Coaching helped me see things differently.

Lai Meng is a very loving and understanding coach. Intensely aware and perceptive. Her advice comes from love which is healing and positive. I would recommend Lai Meng as a coach for many reasons. Her approach is to gain the very best from the person she is coaching. She sees nothing but the best in them and is very encouraging. Her methods are insistant, skilled and methodical. I have gained a lot from her coaching.”

Virginia Kennedy

Film Director, Owner of DOLL PICTURES, SDN. BHD


Some of her past clients include:

1) Petronas Dagangan (Fortune 500)

2) Petronas Management Training

3) Sony Malaysia

4) Unilever Malaysia (Wall’s Ice Cream)

5) EMI Malaysia

6) Y .S.P . Industries

7) Sau San Tong Healthy Trim Institute (Hong Kong)

8) Nestle Chilled Products

9) Y-Sing Components Ltd (Hong Kong)

10) F & N Malaysia

11) Bursa Malaysia (Formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange)

Her area of expertise includes:

• Corporate Transformation – Training Leaders to Transform Organisation

• Ontological Executive Coaching

• Self-observation Technology and Practices

• The Art of Effective Communication

• A wakening The Feminine Leadership