alison 2Alison Siemon is a graduate of the Awaken the Divine You programmes, taught by the extraordinary Master Umesh H. Nandwani. She has practiced Mediumship and Flower Readings through the Spiritualist Church in Australia, and had many ‘spiritual’ experiences in different parts of the globe. She has a background in music, acting, musical theatre, writing and teaching, and has lived in Australia, Japan and Singapore, travelled extensively, learning from her teachers, as well as through her own experiences, that the world we live in is magic! She teaches piano, meditation, and conducts energy healing sessions for children and adults in Singapore and Australia. She strongly believes that we all need to connect with Nature in order to keep our balance, stay healthy, and connect more deeply with our Higher Selves, and from that point we then have the strong understanding and ability to do our work in a more creative manner, and in Love and Light. Her business is Meditation~Creation, and her spiritual book for children – “Amanda Annanda and the Library Book Box” – has just been published!