What is your definition of gratitude? And how do you show your gratitude? Are you feeling and expressing that deep gratitude in every aspect of your life?

There are so many definitions of gratitude. Every religious, culture or lifestyles has its own understanding of this universal feeling of Love & Appreciation.

Gratitude is not the same as indebtness. Indebtness is a feeling of an obligation in a form of compensation.

Gratitude, thankfulness or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that we have received in our lives. This amazing feeling allows the flow of life and brings new abundance we will receive in the future. Let us understand and embrace our lives in totality.

In this enlightening talk, Saida will by example show you the definition of gratitude and how we can use it in our daily life. Be at peace again, and witness this energy of gratitude change your life.

Practitioner: Saidatul


Saida is practicing life coaching and consultation. She offers counselling; helping people who are looking for guidance or coaching in getting back on track in their life. Having gone through many of life’s ups and downs in her past, her passion is assisting others to find love, happiness and peace in life. Saida is also a resident writer in the bodymindsoul magazine; with a dedicated “Dear Sera” Advice column where readers send in their problems and questions about life. She shares her views to guide readers towards finding solutions.