Spring 2012 Topic: Living Powerfully!!

Apr 13 (Fri) | 8pm-10.30pm @ rm99/pax only! (N.P. rm300/pax)
  • Ever wonder how your mind works in producing results that you want?
  • Why some people can achieve their goals and dreams easily and effortlessly and why not you?
  • Why there are people able to maintain calmness and resilience when they face challenges but why not you?
  • Why there are people always filled with high energy and be motivated to achieve their goals and why not you?


Attend this workshop could allow you:

  • To understand how to consciously work with your unconscious mind in order to achieve your dreams that you always wanted.
  • To have a basic techniques to release minor negative thoughts that prevent you to stay focus and have a more joyous life.
  • Know how to remove phobia.

While you are curious to learn more about yourself in order to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly, we invite you to discover together with us on how to empower our life by using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and amazing power of your mind to make changes and achieve your goals at ease.

Your Sincerely,

SC Chung                            

Trainer and Life Coach
NLP Coach Trainer, USA
Time Line Therapy® Trainer, USA
Hypnotherapy Trainer, USA