intuitve energy healingThe principle of healing is to treat the cause and not its symptoms. Therefore the intuitive energy healing session involves the client. Through probing questions, the practitioner discovers the root cause of the client’s complaint and heals it with the client’s involvement.

The client participates in his or her own healing and in the process, discovers aspects of his/her being which may be used for the client’s release and improvement in other areas of his/ her life.

The healing approach is intuitive and may involve the use of crystals and magnets to energetically remove the cause of the client’s complaint, relieving the client of the complaint, balancing his/ her energies and at the same time bringing awareness to the client of his /her own wellness profile.

We are energy beings in physical bodies. Energy imbalances in the body are precursors to physical imbalances. Energy healing using crystals and magnets restores the balance towards holistic wellness of the mind, body and soul.

What you will experience in the intuitive healing session:-

- Relief from the symptoms of your complaint

- Understanding the root cause of your complaint

- Having the root cause of your complaint identified and addressed

- Avoiding repetition of the cause of your complaint

- Knowing what to do to improve your physical, emotional and mental wellness

Practitioner: Ho Kong Fatt

Energy Exchange: RM150/hour