Fairies are nature’s guardian angels. Being so intimately related to Mother Earth, fairies are friendly, benevolent beings and are excellent at healing and assisting us with daily living, relationships, health and financial issues. Get your very own messages & answers on your current situation from this beautiful creatures through your fairy card reading today!!

Practitioner: Josephine Lee


Josephine Lee is a beauty consultant from Malaysia. She has started her spiritual journey since 2008. She has completed the 6-days course of ” Awaken-The Divine You ” program from Foundation Level, Advance Level and Personal Mastery. Josephine has also completed the Nepal Retreat in Nepal, Master Course Level 1 in Banglore, India, Master Course Level 2 in Bali, Indonesia, Master Course Level 3 in Nepal and Master Retreat Level 1 in Hawaii. She has recently completed her Instructor’s Certification Course Level 1 in Phuket, Thailand. She was trained by International Metaphysical Master Umesh Nandawani from Singapore.

Josephine’s purpose has always been to help people find true happiness from within, especially those who are lost in life. To make the world a better place is her dream. She wishes that everyone can experience love, peace, joy & happiness in life. Wouldn’t the world be a much more wonderful place if everyone can have these gifts? As such, she has decided to step forth to impart her knowledge on how to create Love, Peace & Happiness in life.