FREE PREVIEW: Jun 20 | 8pm – 10pm

Heal Your Life Workshop: Jul 6 & 7 | 10am – 6pm@ RM580/pax (Early Bird Price), RM 680/pax (Normal Price)

HEAL YOUR LIFE®Workshop based on philosophy of Louise L. Hay

Do you experience any physical discomfort? Are you prone to accidents? Are you tired of running to the doctors again and again? Or do you feel stuck emotionally?

Are you aware that physical symptoms are there in order to show you that something is not going the way it supposed to go. Our life purpose is not suffering, we are here to experience JOY and happiness. Do you see your life as struggle or as joy?

Louise Hay started to look at physical symptoms in a different way. Not from a medical perspective but from a psychological point of view. After seeing more than 1000 clients for counselling she realized that the root cause of the symptoms lies in our emotions and limiting beliefs. And the one and only reason for any symptoms is the feeling of being “not good enough”.

Loving yourself is the key to healing your life. When you really love and accept yourself, your life can blossom. For many of us though, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The HEAL YOUR LIFE® workshop guides participants in exercises to release past pain, trauma and suffering and supports them in learning to love themselves. Participants will learn how their thoughts create their reality and how they can make changes in old thought/feeling patterns to create the life they want now.

Through different processes we will take a quantum step in self-acceptance together. We all came into this physical world with an amazing gift: our potential to create anything we want.

It is there, waiting to be discovered and used to create the life we want to have. And in this workshop, we begin remembering and utilizing this gift to begin experiencing the results we want to experience.

The Heal Your Life® Workshop takes participants through a process of identifying limiting beliefs, releasing them and replacing with new, positive beliefs that will help them to create their desired future. Participants will clear the blockages from the past, accept the present and begin designing their future. They will become ONE again with their True-Self and be able to attract love, peace and success into their life easier.

The Workshop will help them to align with their Life Purpose and live a fully expressed Life . This workshop is based on the teaching of Louise Hay and is facilitated by Monika Wyss: A Licensed HEAL YOUR LIFE® Workshop Leader and Heal Your Life Coach.

The Following Aspects of Life Can Be Explored In This Workshop:

• Career choices and aspects

• Health and Wellbeing

• Family and Romantic Relationships

• Professional Relationships

• Emotional Wellbeing

• Mental Wellbeing

• Financial Aspects

When we remember that nothing happens in our life experience without us being the creator of it, not only do we begin to free ourselves, but we open ourselves to something new and better.

Heal Your Life Workshop

Facilitator: Monika Wyss

Date: Jul 6 & 7, 2013

Energy Exchange:

  • Early Bird – RM 580/pax (Limit to the first 10 pax, end on Jun 20)
  • Normal Price – RM 680/pax

R.S.V.P is required for Preview. All walk-ins will be charged at RM20/pax

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