May 12 | 12.30pm – 1.30pm @ FOC

Hi everyone, I am so grateful to be here and sharing my love with you.

How can we create Love, Peace & Happiness in our daily life?

People work daily, struggle to make a living. Everyone work day in day out, struggling to make a living. Losing ourselves to the daily struggle by getting too busy with our hectic lifestyle. Forgetting our true-selves, joy & even love of our life. Sometimes we get too engross in our busy life-style, that we get lost, forget about our true-self, forget about joy & Love in our life.

How many of you have truly feel Love, Peace & Happiness in your life?

Are you currently living a complaint-less life?

Sometime its ok to feel bad, its ok to be gentler with ourselves. It’s ok to feel so. We SHOULD NOT criticize ourselves no matter what, because we are perfect the way we are. We are all here to learn and grow, sometimes it’s ok to make mistakes too.

Each & every one of us have all the abundance within us, it is just that we just forget about it, because we forget Who We Are. We are constantly seeking outside for love from others. You can never find love, peace & happiness until we learn how to love ourselves. In this session, I will share with you how to create love, peace & happiness & learn how to love yourself & be joyful.

Josephine is here to share her experience how to create Love, Peace & Happiness in life, learn how to love yourself and Joy .

We can make a better world.

I welcome you to come and share our love together.

I Love You & Thank You


Josephine Lee is a beauty consultant from Malaysia. She has started her spiritual journey since 2008. She has completed the 6-days course of ” Awaken-The Divine You ” program from Foundation Level, Advance Level and Personal Mastery. Josephine has also completed the Nepal Retreat in Nepal, Master Course Level 1 in Banglore, India, Master Course Level 2 in Bali, Indonesia, Master Course Level 3 in Nepal and Master Retreat Level 1 in Hawaii. She has recently completed her Instructor’s Certification Course Level 1 in Phuket, Thailand. She was trained by International Metaphysical Master Umesh Nandawani from Singapore.

Josephine’s purpose has always been to help people find true happiness from within, especially those who are lost in life. To make the world a better place is her dream. She wishes that everyone can experience love, peace, joy & happiness in life. Wouldn’t the world be a much more wonderful place if everyone can have these gifts? As such, she has decided to step forth to impart her knowledge on how to create Love, Peace & Happiness in life.

Date: May 12, 2013

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Energy Exchange: F.O.C.

Facilitator: Josephine Lee

R.S.V.P: Sky @ +603 6142 7218 / 012-2924121 or