Feng Shui(风水), is a classical art that has been practiced in China over 3500 year ago. It is an art that helps us tap into the positive energy, or Qi, that is already found in our environment. By harnessing into this naturally powerful energy, there are unlimited opportunities for us to improve our wellbeing and whichever areas that are lacking in our lives e.g. wealth, health, relationship or career.


The 3 Cosmic Factors that are found in Chinese Metaphysics are:

  • Heaven Luck
  • Earth Luck
  • Man Luck

Feng Shui is to do with Earth Luck and it governs 33% of our Destiny. Our homes or our workplaces have a significant role in shaping our destiny. We can balance the Internal and External structures to ensure harmony when harnessing this potent Qi and as a result of this sophisticated balancing act we are able to fulfill our Destiny and achieve our goals in life.