Workshop: Aug 24 & 25| 10am – 6pm @ RM 349 (Early Bird Price), RM 449 (Normal Price)

FREE PREVIEW: Aug 8 | 8pm – 10pm


Powerful and experiential Constellation workshop coming to The Golden Space. For the first time Monika is offering Family Constellation workshop that is a mixture of awareness exercises, group exercises, family healing meditations and family constellations. Every participants will benefit from each activity and will get more insights, understanding and bigger perspective of what is going on in their lives and families.

You will be able to incorporate new knowledge into your daily life and become more aware of the ‘reality’ that is sometimes hidden.

As the we will have a look at the “hidden reality”, understanding can set in and bring compassion to the issue you are experiencing. In other words, you will get a bigger perspective of what is really happening in your life and your family (or business) and you will be able to make peace with what is. For example, could you ever imagine that unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a miscarriage from our mother? Or that a severe illness being experienced by a person in the family might have been caused by an adoption? This is why we call it ‘hidden’ reality; because often we are not aware of the affect they might have on us. But as we are a part of our family, and because of our need to belong and our loyalty to our family, we may unconsciously carry energy, patterns and tendencies from our parents, relatives and ancestors that create the issues we experience in our day-to-day life.

Acknowledging what is – is the essence of Family Constellation and the essence of our lives. Acknowledgement is the opposite of resistance and what we accept, this makes us free.

The following personal issues can be rectified in a constellation:

  • If you feel stuck in your life and you don’t know what’s holding you back from taking actions
  • If you have physical or psychological illnesses or are deeply unhappy.
  • If you have relationship problems or troubles with your children – i.e. failure in school or college.
  • If you feel isolated and not accepted by others, family or society.
  • If you are experiencing financial problems or repetitive Life situations around money.
  • If you see any repeating patterns in your family – i.e. addictions, divorce, early deaths
  • If you are at the cross road in your life and you don’t which way to go

Most experienced benefits of doing Family Constellation are:

- feeling more at peace with the current life (being more in flow)

- being able to make peace with the past and letting go of the past

- understanding the ‘bigger picture’ why things were happening to you

- improving relationships with the spouse, children and other people

- help in decision making

- feeling strong and powerful and standing on one’s own feet

- finding peace with illness, death or physical pain

- feeling more connected to the family while being completely free

- feeling more love and acceptance towards everyone and everything


About the outline:

- basics of family constellations

- meditation to connect to our ancestors

- FC

- drawing of family tree


- awareness exercise



- meditation

- awareness exercise


- the power of love

- drawing of Life Mandala

- FC

- meditation

FREE PREVIEW: Aug 8 | 8pm – 10pm

RSVP is required. All walk-ins will be charged at RM20/pax


Date: Aug 24 & 25, 2013

Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Energy Exchange: RM349 (Early Bird Price end on Aug 10), RM449 (Normal Price)

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Facilitator: Monika Wyss

R.S.V.P: +603 6142 7218 or