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After the successful completion of the Family Constellation & Transformation Coach Certification Course 2012 a new course is coming up for 2013

Join Monika in her one year Family Constellation Certification Course based on the Constellation Work of Bert Hellinger, Jasmin Schober-Howorka and others.

Unique And Universal Combination – Family Constellation & Transformation Coaching Tools

This special Certification Course is a new blend of traditional and proven processes from Systemic Family Constellation, Gestalt Therapy, the Coaching Model from ICF (International Coaching Federation), Energy Medicine and the Light-Body Proces, including emotional and mental mastery.

This powerful combination of techniques will guide you through personal transformation and also equips you with the tools to assist others in their transformation in a structured yet intuitive process.

The course facilitator is Monika Wyss with additional guest speakers for chosen topics.

What is Family Constellation?

Bert Hellinger a renowned European psychotherapist developed Family Constellation work in the 80s. During his work with groups he noticed that unconscious Trans – Generational family bonds have a major impact on the current family system. This might be the reason why we are sometimes entangled in fates that do not belong to us. With Family Constellation work, these entanglements can be identified and our lives then can be changed for the better

Family Constellation is very often called Trans – Generational Healing because it has a positive influence on many generations of the family system. As writer John Payne describes, “each family has its own conscience which dictates the dynamics of that family system.”

It is interesting to see how certain ancestral patterns are carried through many generations. Many of us unconsciously identify with emotions and traumas of other family members especially our parents as a way of belonging. Examples of such destructive familial patterns are anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, solitude, alcoholism and even illnesses. Such entanglements can lead to anger, frustration, depression and therefore to an unfulfilled life.

Family Constellation allows us to break these patterns so that we can live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life. Family Constellation can be enlightening when it comes to the search for the real root cause and may remove blockages in the family system which are causing disharmony. The results are often immediate and life – changing. It helps break the cycles and ensures that also our future generations are free from these destructive familial patterns.

Family Constellations also helps to identify members of the family system who have not been acknowledged or forgotten. It is necessary to give them their proper place in the family system. For example a miscarriage and hence the denial or neglect due to the pain can lead to entanglements, because this child is denied a proper place in the family. In many cases a sibling or child in the following generation will unconsciously carry the feelings of the miscarried child – those of being excluded or unacknowledged by the parents. Once this child is given its right place, these feelings can be resolved and the one unconsciously carrying these feelings can move on.


What occurs in a Family Constellation?

The Clients identify issues they would like to work on. They choose several people from the group to represent members of their family involved in the issue. One person is also chosen to represent himself or herself. Each representative is placed intuitively in a position. As each representative stands in his/her place they are able to feel the emotions and dynamics of the role they are playing. It is through the observation of the interactions and feelings between the representatives that the issues come to light and hence are transformed. Everyone involved in the Constellation greatly benefits from the process. Family Constellation is based on the principle that we are all connected by an energy field which Dr. Rupert Sheldrake calls morphogenic field. It is this energy field that we tap into during the Constellations.

What are the transformation coaching tools you will be learning in this Course?

This course is designed specially for people who want to transform their life and unleash their full potential. During the course you will discover your potential and will be able to dig into your resources and strengths.

It helps to see new perspectives and solutions in a systemic aspect and will strengthen our motivation and self trust. The major emphasis in this course is on Family Constellation, which in itself is a transformational process. Combined with additional tools and techniques it inspires our soul for a complete awakening.

Being awake, conscious and powerful with our thoughts and decisions in life is of utmost importance in these turbulent times. This course will give you the necessary awareness to raise your consciousness to the next level.


Transformational tools:

- Gestalt Therapy

- Energy Medicine

- Emotion Code 

- Some NLP Techniques

- Releasing Methods 


The Certification Course:

• Introduction and the beginning of transformation

• Clearing the “road” for your journey 

• Discover direction – connect to your blueprint 

• Transformational breakthrough 

• Graduation


The Family Constellation Certification Course is a 31-day program spread over a year. The core of the course is the “Systematic Approach.” The classes are scheduled for 4 days once every two months ending with a 7-day finale that includes a comprehensive graduation process. In this course you will learn to facilitate both Groups and one to one Private Sessions. We recognize that each Student will bring along different abilities and skills. The course will provide a save space to acquire knowledge also by sharing our different backgrounds and exploration of the same.

The Goal of this course is to provide a well rounded qualification for systemic constellation work, systemic coaching and it also provides the space for intensive self development. Besides constellations, as said, you will learn other tools and methods that will enable you to work . as a systematic coach/consultant or as we call it: to be a Transformation Coach.

During the training you will gain sound knowledge of what Bert Hellinger calls the “Orders of Love Principles” and other common tendencies in family systems. The training consists of lectures, where the theoretical principles are taught together with practical exercises. It focuses on hands-on and experience-oriented teaching. Personal issues will be used in the practical work.

This provides you with the opportunity to do your own coaching sessions with constellations, in groups or with individuals, giving growth to your personal and professional development. As a student you will experience systemic entanglements and solutions in your own constellations first. Dealing with your own personal issues is the beginning. as these personal constellations clear many issues in your own life. You will be able to deal with different issues in different systems, your family, your work, and also within your community. Gaining knowledge and experience will happen during your own systemic constellations and coaching process and you will feel the changes in your life.

A deep understanding of the systemic principles, facilitating constellations and coaching during the training will prepare you for your individual work with constellations. A reflection of the processes and experiences after each constellation is a very important part of the training as well. Discussions, observation and reflection offer an additional spectrum of learning.

You will be equipped with different tools for coaching and short-term intermediations. The training also enables you to develop skills on building rapport, managing group dynamics, process level understanding of constellations, managing your own and your participants’ emotions, clearing and/or changing perceptions and much more. Through the practical exercises, you will gain awareness of you own biases in personal and professional issues and a sound understanding of your own concerns that could affect your facilitation. It is important to understand that Family Constellation is a lifetime path of learning and self exploration.

Individualized coaching is provided to help you resolve challenges that you may face and to enhance your strengths in becoming an excellent facilitator. The best way to learn is by doing. You will be provided with the opportunity to practice by facilitating constellations supervised by the trainer. You will receive feedback from the trainer in a safe and supportive manner after each training session.

This course offers also practical sessions where the students can practice facilitating constellations in a group and/or one to one sessions under guidance. Students will also be required to read text books and work in small groups in order to deepen their knowledge and competence. For more info, click here.

Course Outline:

• Basic principles of the systemic work based on B. Hellinger

• Constellations in practice: family of origin, current family, relationships, work environment, illnesses, symptoms, fears etc

• Settings for relationships to succeed 

• The special relationship between parents and children 

• Contemplation of “my own” role as a child 

• The Interrupted reaching-out movement

• Systemic counselling and one-to-one constellations (working with the board and floor anchors) 

• Systemic principles and constellations in organizations

• Light-Body process based on Dr. Diethard Stelzl

• Mental Training and Mental Mastery

• Working with inner pictures and meditations

• Energy Healing – Transformational Therapy

• Training in awareness, perception, intuition, mindfulness

• Approach in Coaching Clients

• Leading of groups, circle-work and group exercises

• Coaching modalities based on ICF 

• Energy Medicine – daily routine 

• Practice and supervision



• 2 Assessments in writing (one during the course and one at the end) 

• An oral presentation about any FC-Topic (20min) 

• Ongoing Practical Assessments

• Leading a four-hour workshop and an individual presentation during the graduation week 



In between the modules you can attend the scheduled Family Constellation Workshops where you can join free of charge as an observer to fine-tune your skills. Additional supervised practice sessions for the course group will be organized. These sessions are of great value to deepen your knowledge by leading your own coaching or family constellation sessions with the support of the trainer.


Who should attend?

This training is suitable for:

• those, who want to integrate the insights of systemic work into their own work as therapists, coaches, counselors etc. and

• those who want to experience a powerful and interesting self-development/ awareness process to improve their lives



No prior knowledge or qualifications is required to attend this course. The only requirement is your interest and willingness to deal with your personal matters, a strong commitment to get to know yourself better, and the sincerity for new ideas and experiences. To be certified one has to attend at least 80% of the course and complete all the assessments, assignments and essays.



The certificate of competency will be issued from the ISA-MM Institute in Germany. This certificate confirms that you went through a personal transformation and that you have received a training of high quality standards from proficient and certified trainers.


Your benefit:

• You get to know yourself better and gain an understanding of your own life 

• You will become more aware, authentic and self-determined 

• You will gain skills and experiences that you can integrate in your own private and professional life. 

• You will be able to use your new comprehension in your work as a coach/facilitator 

• The training gives you the opportunity to become a coach/ facilitator 

• You gain an understanding of people you interact with: your family, friends, colleagues


Course Dates:

• Module 1: Kuala Lumpur 13 – 16 June 2013 

• Module 2: Kuala Lumpur 22 – 25 August 2013 

• Module 3: Kuala Lumpur 10 – 13 October 2013

• Module 4: Kuala Lumpur 5 – 8 December 2013 

• Module 5: Kuala Lumpur 16 – 19 January 2014 

• Module 6: Kuala Lumpur 13 – 16 March 2014

• Module 7: Finale 27 April – 4 May 2014



Normal Price: RM18,800.00

Early Bird Price: RM 14,800.00; registration and payment of deposit in the amount of RM 2,800.00 before 30 April 2013

(Installment plan is available, for details contact Monika.)


Special offer for the first 5 registrations: RM14,800.00 – plus a free one to one constellation session with Monika!


Your investment includes:

• Seminar attendance

• Additional 21-Days personal transformation practice

• Manual: Family Constellation & additional techniques

• Certificate of Competency

• Free Practitioner Website (1 page on MonikaWyss.com)

• Supervision during practice sessions

Not included are traveling expenses, F&B and accommodation if required. The last module, the Graduation week, is intended to be held in either Bali or Koh Samui. (The venue might change, but will be outside Kuala Lumpur. Transport, F&B and accommodation is not included in the course fees.

Contact: Monika Wyss

Tel: 012 248 3439

Email: monika@monikawyss.com


Register NOW and receive a free one to one constellation session with Monika!

The registration deposit is RM2,800.00 (non-refundable).