blue lotus

The therapy is conducted by recalibrating the energy vortex of an
individual which are called the Chakras or Qi to accelerate the
healing process of the physical body. There is no prescription,
medication or any form of insertion done to the recipient during the
healing process. The recalibration of the energy vortex oscillates
with the relevant part of the endocrine system, organs and nervous
system. Almost all ailments are the result of blockages with any one
or more Chakras. Amongst the ailments which could see improvements
from Alchemy are depression, mental disorder, sleep disorder, bone
atrophy, articular rheumatism, arthritis, callosity of the
musculature, inflammation of the joints, skin allergies and disorders ,
chronic and acute myocardial insufficiency, Parkinson disease, sleep
disorder, diabetes, blood pressure, partial stroke, eating disorder,
asthma, recuperation after surgery, sexual dysfunction and many more.

The therapy takes approximately 1 hour to 1 and half hours depending
on the severity of the ailments. Some ailments would require several
visits. Blockages of the energy vortex will be determined intuitively
and most ailments currently suffered by the recipient will also be
determined. Where serius illness or ailment within the body is
detected, relevant check up with the doctors or blood checks will be
recommended before undergoing the therapy. It cannot be overemphasized
that the healing is in no way a substitute for medical attention and
monitoring. Medical attention is required to confirm that the ailment
has subsided or no longer exist.

Practitioner: Sonia Anirudhan

Fee: RM350/60 min