The Empowerment Card Reading is all about giving you courage to move forward toward your goals in life. Being empowered means you are completely happy about yourself and the life you lead. Empowerment is also about self-love, and self-worth. A lot of times, we do not put confidence in ourselves, have doubts on our own decisions and do not dare to dream. If we are disempowered, we give our power away and often allow people to put us down.

Josephine will guide you by enhancing that personal capacity within you to make that clear choice and to transform that to desired actions and outcome!

Practitioner: Josephine Lee


Josephine Lee started her golden path of ascension through “Awaken~The Divine You” Programs by International Metaphysical Master Umesh Nandwani since 2008. She has always strongly believe that her life purpose is to help people find true happiness from within, empower everyone to become who they truly are, especially those who are lost in life. Her dream is to make the world a better place.