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Chakra is the energy centre in our body in which a person receives, processes and transmits information on his/her life experiences. These seven main chakras are directly responsible for our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Blockages or imbalance in our chakras can often lead to illnesses and negative emotions. If you have been feeling tired, restless and anxious, chances are you need a thorough chakra healing. In this healing session, Jessie will provide a reading into your energy centres, followed by cleansing and realigning of your chakras.

At the end of this session, you will feel lighter, happier and be in the state of love and peace.

Practitioner: Jessie Moo


Jessie Moo used to be a shy person and always hide her true feelings from others, inclusive of her love ones. Although her life has always been smooth sailing and financially stable, she felt lost and unhappy. Then in July 2012, she started her spiritual path through attending a life transformational program – “Awaken~The Divine You”. She realized her life purpose is to serve humanity and shine her light. Standing in the essence of her true self, Jessie’s intense purity and light is used to remove blockages and positively transform her clients.