Jun 9 | 1.30pm – 4.30pm @ RM360 (Early Bird), RM450 (Normal Price)

A Workshop Dedicated to the World’s Richest Men on the Forbes List

“Living up to her title as an intuitive master numerologist, Gracy kept everyone captivated when she did spot on readings for three lucky participants. Alicia Jan who was one of the lucky three commented, ‘if she’s not 100% spot on, the very least is 99%’.”

23 February 2013: [Talk] Forecast 2013 with Golden Numbers - Centre for Extension Education – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Have you wondered if millionaires, even billionaires, are born or made? Do you have the destiny to be one? Well, wonder no more. Forget about millionaire mindset and BS – analyze facts and data and start decoding numbers!

In a fun, informative and interactive session, renowned Intuitive Master Numerologist Gracy Yap shares secrets of how to spot and magnify your wealth in your unique birth profile, using the ancient and modern schools of Numerology, based on her best-selling book and celebrity case studies. From being dead broke to becoming a private property owner and investor today, Gracy is living proof that Numerology can turn your life and fortune around. She is joined by Master Rowan Ong who offers additional insight on billionaire birthdates from Bazi. Rowan hails from a family of psychics who once shared the stage with famous Feng Shui Master Lillian Too at a Chinese metaphysics Convention in Singapore in 2010.

Come join us for the ‘aha’ moment and an amazing self-discovery journey of why some men or women have all the luck in the world! Seats are limited. For registration and enquries, please call The Golden Space Malaysia  @ +603 6142 7218 or Email:thegoldenspace.malaysia@gmail.com

Practitioner: Gracy Yap & Rowan Ong

Date: Jun 9, 2013
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Energy Exchange: RM450/pax (Normal Price), RM360/pax (Early Bird end on May 26)