BaZi(八字) is the study of one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. It is an art of foretelling one’s destiny through a block of 8 Characters a.k.a. the Four Pillars of Destiny, derived from your time and date of birth along with its 10 Year Luck Pillars. This natal chart represents you, your family, your background, your core values and your principles. Through the observation of interactions between the Five Elements found in the chart, one is able to deduce matters relating to health, career, wealth and relationships. It is an amazing tool that can provide further insights into your life, thus helping you to make better decisions and to gain a deeper understanding of your potentials and weaknesses. BaZi is able to help you achieve your goals while at the same time enabling you to manoeuvre through the ups and downs in life.

In short, everyone has a destiny but we can still choose our own paths by being in control, having the right mental attitude, doing the right actions with the right methods, at the right time!

As you can see, BaZi is a form of diagnosis but its cure is found in Feng Shui!

BaZi Professional Consultation: RM350/1-hr session