Aug 16 | 10.30 am – 6.00 pm

Meditation is a non-religious, universal, ancient proven art and practice – a path towards self-realization, enlightenment and self-mastery. It is also a natural way to relax, release stress, re-focus and quiet our mind, thoughts and emotions – making it a very useful tool in today’s fast paced and demanding stressful life. It also helps create one’s positive self-empowerment energy and re-balancing the “dis-ease” of mind, body, soul and emotions besides connecting to one’s personal inner and the Divine consciousness.

Participants will learn useful skills, knowledge, techniques, postures and other fundamentals and tools of meditation in order to experience inner peace, harmony, love and strength. Learn how to release your stress, mental/emotional blockages and negative energies. Increase your positive life force, endurance, inner guidance and achieve a higher understanding of this ancient art. Learn different techniques of breathing and their individual meanings which will help you calm and focus your mind. Discover more about intuition, connecting to your 3rd eye, how to create and live life in clarity and full awareness.

Participants will learn:
§ Meditation Fundamentals, Techniques & Tools
§ Different Ways of Breathing & How to Focus
§ Self Energy Awareness & Profound Energy Connections
§ The Art and Benefits of Visualization & Unconditional Love
§ How to Enhance Your Intuition & Attract Abundance in Your Life
§ How to Connect to Your 3rd Eye
§ Others…
Designed & Conducted by Master Umesh H. Nandwani

Date: Aug 16, 2013
Time: 10.30am – 6.00pm
Energy Exchange: 

  • Early Bird: RM450/pax (For Malaysians only)  (limited to the first 20 sign ups, end on Jun 30)
  • Normal Price: RM550/pax (For Malaysians only)

Special Package (For Malaysians):

  • Basic Meditation Course + Foundation Level = RM1,450/pax (limited to the first 20 sign ups, end on Jun 30)
  • Basic Meditation Course + Foundation Level = RM1,550/pax
  • Basic Meditation Course + Awaken ~ The Divine You (6 days) = RM5,950/PAX (limited to the first 20 sign ups, end on Jun 30)
  • Basic Meditation Course + Awaken ~ The Divine You (6 days) = RM7,550/PAX

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