Anette 2Astrology is a ancient knowledge about the relationship between our solar system and the behavior of individuals. Astrology examine the positions of sun, moon and planets at the time of birth regarding the specific constellations from the perspective of the individuals’ place of birth.

Out of this constellations, at the date and time of birth, the basic structure of the individuals character is derived.

Taking the Astrological findings, and combining them with various psychotherapeutical methods and approaches, the client is coached by mutually (coach and client) finding the clients strengths, by analyzing his or her characteristics and channeling these strengths towards a more proactive approach to life, as opposed to only reacting to situations.

Astrology plays a substantial role in the assessment of the individuals current situation in life, allowing a much more focused approach to tearing down restraining behaviorisms via diverse psychotherapeutical methods and thereby leading to a more positive attitude to life.

For a astrological coaching we need from you:

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Exact time of birth (if possible with time zone)

Energy Exchange: RM350/60 min session

Practitioner: Anette Maria Keller